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Bryn-Yr-Odyn - About us and our Pretty 1870 Cottage ...........

Bryn Yr Odyn was one of the first houses to be built in the village of Cwmgwili in approximately 1870. The property stands in 3/4 of an acre or therabouts of lawn and woodland.  There are four  of  us in the family Myself ,  My wife my son and a little one on the way. We also  have various animals (Cats , Dogs, Ducks)  and have lived here for approximately 10 years at the time of writing (2010)

The history of the house is shown below (this letter was written to us by the previous owner who has had the house in her family since it was built.


Weather Station
And paramotoring blog


This page was created to provide an incite to where we live and my new  obsession with Paragliding ( powered paragliding)

Paramotoring / Paragliding .........

Today I have spoken to our neighbour up the road (lovely guy called Stan), he has 3 acres and has kindly allowed me to take off and land in his garden !!! What a stroke of luck that is. (he seems a little amused by my flying machine)

My Weather Station ...............

I have a small weather station located in our garden which updates the results to the web in real time to view the weather station please click on the link. Whilst I try to check the results are fairly accurate please don’t rely on them to book your annual holiday in Wales. (If in doubt it will probably be raining)


Weather station Link